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More Relics

More Relics

a tribute to PINK FLOYD

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song list:time:performed by:
Sysyphus4:27Rüdiger Gleisberg
A Saucerful of Secrets11:44Mr. Quimby´s Beard
Echoes23:29Solar Project *
Fat Old Sun8:14RPWL
Embryo8:02Fantasyy Factoryy
Ibiza Bar4:01Liquid Visions
Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major9:32Sula Bassana
Pow R Toc H4:10Invisible Limit

* from left to right

Robert Valet - keyboards, vocals
Volker Janacek - drums, vocals
Peter Terhoeven - guitars, basses

Solar Project: Robert Valet, Volker Janacek, Peter Terhoeven
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