The Castle Court Concert in Lüdinghausen

(Exil Open Air, June 25, 2005)

Sandra Baetzel
Solar Project
Robert Valet
Video clips designed and
performed by BEAM-TEAM:

Robert Valet
Marcel Halbeisen (BlackFlame)
Peter Terhoeven
Betty, Volker Janacek and Sebastian Jungermann
Volker Janacek
Solar Project
Volker Janacek

Sebastian Jungermann and Betty
technical support:

Frank Erlenkämper
& Heiko Schröder
Sebastian Jungermann, Sandra Baetzel Peter Terhoeven and Betty
Betty: vocals
Robert Valet: keyboards
Peter Terhoeven: guitars
Sebastian Jungermann: basses
Volker Janacek: drums
Sandra Baetzel: sax & keys
Sandra Baetzel, Robert Valet and Peter Terhoeven
1) Intro & Five I 7:48
2) Thunderstorm 15:23
3) S.Phrenia I 6:54
4) R.Fire 15:34
5) Five II 7:22
6) Time to die IV 5:00
7) The Cry 11:28

8) Power Song 4:22
9) Days of Wrath 5:46
Sebastian Jungermann and Peter Terhoeven

Volker Janacek

Volker JanacekBettySebastian JungermannPeter Terhoeven
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