World Games

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In this production, different actors show their opinions concerning current structures of power and ideologies. Five singers transform the content into a play.


1. The Voice4:27
2. World Games3:12
3. First Scene0:44
4. Monanarchy Part I1:46
5. Monanarchy Part II6:00
6. Monanarchy Part III6:49
7. Second Scene0:10
8. Mr C4:47
9. Third Scene0:26
10. Gat the Democrat4:50
11. Fourth Scene0:10
12. The Church Part I2:44
13. The Church Part II5:31
14. Fifth Scene0:11
15. Gat Reprise2:56
16. Resume4:58

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Stefan Mageney:vocals & back vocals
Anja Kiechle:vocals & back vocals
Markus Baumann:vocals & guitars
Christian Razborsek:vocals & guitars
Peter Weinstock:vocals
Tim Isfort:basses
Volker Janacek:drums & voices
Peter Terhoeven:guitars & voices
Robert Valet:keyboards, acoustic guitars & voices
Denis Schülling:percussion
Holger Müller:hammond organ
Tisso Thul:harp

The Press

Musiktheater pur. Roger Waters läßt grüßen! In bester "The Wall/ Final Cut" Tradition eingespieltes Gesamtkunstwerk. Nur etwas rockiger und abgedrehter.

Uwe Göller, Eclipsed No 12 Juni 1995
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