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The final solution

the final solution
This CD is available as limited 25th Anniversary Edition at New Music – Green Tree

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The first opus of Solar Project pictures the fears, dreams and desires of a single person living with the threat of the nuclear apocalypse.


1.Overture 5:18
2.The Electrocution 4:20
3.Power Song I 4:29
4.Lethargy 2:26
5.The Flowers must die 2:22
6.Power Song II 3:21
7.Beginning I 2:06
8.Beginning II 2:28
9.The Teddy Bear Song4:32
10.Machines of Darkness 4:27
11.Interlude 1:38
12.Military 4:26
13.Where I&II 2:45
14.Where III 4:50
15.The Cry I-IV 11:46
16.The Apocalypse 5:29
17.Conclusion 4:02

The Cry
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Stefan Mageney:vocals & back vocals
Inka Kuopamäki:back vocals
Bodo Melenk:basses
Volker Janacek:drums
Peter Terhoeven:guitars
Robert Valet:keyboards

The Press

'The final solution ist ein monströses Art-Rock-Spektakel, eine opulente Sound-Kulisse, ein intensives Sammelsurium elektro-sinfonischer Dramatik und barokker Verspieltheit.'

Uwe Plien, Mocca März 1990

'... Le renouveau du progressif germanique est aujourd'hui en route, SOLAR PROJECT en est la locomotive et vous invite à prendre le train en marche. Alors, si vous voulez partir en voyage...'

Herve Lemoigne, MusicMania No 13 1993
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