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Pictures at an Exhibition

Pictures at an Exhibition Cover

Catalog No CD: GTR 187
produced by:

New Music - Green Tree
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Sandra Baetzel:vocals, back vocals & saxophones
Holger vom Bruch:vocals, back vocals
Sebastian Jungermann:basses
Peter Terhoeven:guitars
Robert Valet:keyboards & acoustic guitars
Florian Schlott:drums on track 1-4,17
Hi & Ai:drums on track 5-16


A rock adaptation of Modest Mussorgsky's piano composition


1.Promenade (Part 1)1:58
2.The Gnome2:05
3.Promenade (Part 2)0:59
4.The Old Castle4:03
5.Promenade (Part 3)0:33
8.Promenade (Part 4)0:44
9.Ballet of Unhatched Chicks1:20
10.Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle2:31
11.Promenade (Part 5)1:47
12.Limoges. The Market1:47
14.With the Dead in a Dead Language1:40
15.The Hut on Hen's Legs3:32
16.Bogatyr Gates5:12

17.Bonus Track
    The Swan Song

Sound sample

♪ Promenade ♪


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