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Catalog No CD: GTR 158  
Catalog No LP: GTR 158-1
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Paranoia — the name says it all


1. Mental Overload2:31
2. Under The Gun5:55
3. Paranoia3:24
4. Conspiracy8:10
5. The End Of Humanity5:43
6. Persecutory Delusions11:00
7. The Estrangement4:00
8. The Abyss5:15
9. The Middle Of Nowhere1:58
10. Balanced Equilibrium4:04

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Holger vom Bruch:vocals
Sandra Baetzel:vocals, back vocals & saxophones
Volker Janacek:vocals, drums & percussion
Sebastian Jungermann:basses
Peter Terhoeven:guitars
Robert Valet:keyboards
Stefan Schnelting:percussion
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