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Catalog No CD: GTR 151  
Catalog No LP: GTR 151-1
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"Here I Am" tells about the return of a lost soul.


1. At The Turning Point10:26
2. Here I'm Standing9:29
3. Do You Know What's It About?9:03
4. Whisperings From Aquarmada6:37
5. Catharsis3:34
6. Back And Forth — Here I Am11:48

At The Turning Point
Do You Know What's It About?
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Holger vom Bruch:vocals
Sandra Baetzel:vocals, back vocals & saxophones
Volker Janacek:drums & voices
Sebastian Jungermann:basses
Peter Terhoeven:guitars
Robert Valet:keyboards & acoustic guitars
Stefan Schnelting:percussion
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