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The House of S. Phrenia

The House of S. Phrenia Cover

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Det Maurer:Gesang
Andre Teikhoff:Gesang
Stefan Mageney:Gesang & Hintergrundgesang
Christian Razborsek:Gesang & Gitarre
Anja Kiechle:Gesang, Hintergrundgesang & Stimmen
Olaf Kobbe:Gesang
Holger vom Bruch:Gesang
Sonja Mischor:Querflöte & Hintergrundgesang
Aneli Claus:Hintergrundgesang & Stimmen
Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock:Stimmen & Sitar
Lorena Espinoza:Stimmen
Allison Blizzard:Stimmen
Volker Janacek:Schlagzeug & Stimmen
Robert Valet:Keyboards, Gitarre & Stimmen
Peter Terhoeven:Gitarre & Stimmen
Jörg Weweries:Bass
Andreas Bracht:Bass
Tim Isfort:Kontrabass
Wolfgang Döhr:Gitarre
Hans Lammert:Piano
Jürgen Wimpelberg:Hammond Orgel


1.J. Anitor1:22
2.S. Phrenia I8:38
3.R. Fire13:10
4.G. Mania5:11
5.C. Chaos9:43
6.G. Arret3:23
7.S. Phrenia II5:41
8.F. Power18:39


♪ S. Phrenia I ♪


Inhaltlich befaßt sich dieses Album mit den Abgründen der menschlichen Psyche und spiegelt die gespaltene Ansicht der modernen Gesellschaft wider.

Die Presse

... meldet sich Robert Valet mit Solar Project's dritter CD wieder eindrucksvoll zurück! Es ist ihm und seinen Mitstreitern tatsächlich gelungen, an die Qualität ihres Erstlingswerk ("The Final Solution") anzuknüpfen und diese sogar noch um Längen zu übertreffen! Entstanden ist dabei ein rundum positiv zu bewertendes Album mit einem in allen Belangen passenden Konzept.

Ulrich Lill,
Sophisticated Rock Magazin No 29 März 1995

Cette intelligence musicale de tous les instants fait de «The house of S. Phrenia» une oeuvre de premier ordre, homogène et contrastée à souhait. Un bel album assurément qui mérite d'être retenu au milieu de la foule des productions mineures que l'on peut oublier sans remords aucun.

Phillipe Arnaud, Phillipe Gnana, Bertrand Pourcheron
Harmonie No 26 July 1995

Press Review Background Magazine No 48 (08/95), The Netherlands

After having heard just two songs from the abum, I knew for sure that I was going to Iike 'The House of S.Phrenia' very much. I have played this album every day since the day it arrived at my mailbox, and you may easily conclude that I am addicted to this album I enjoy every second of it and fortunately there are 4501 of them.
Every time I play this album, the music is able to hold my attention from the beginning right till the end. because just every track has something beautiful or thrilling to it, SOLAR PROJECT don't try to impress with technical craftsmanship, fast licks or complex passages, but concentrate with a PINK FLOYD-like overall sound. This overall picture is filled with excellent keyboard and guitar parts, various singing voices, mysterious sound effects and nice solos. The fact that SOLAR PROJECT are heavily influenced by PINK FLOYD only contributes to the overall idea. On 'The House Ot S.Phrenia', you hear that SOLAR PROJECT do have a sound ot their own. The core of the band is formed by keyboardist Robert Valet en guitarist Peter Terhoeven, two German musicians with a progressive heart ot gold. They are assisted by severral guest musicians, who are the backing band for SOLAR PROJECT: Jörg Weweries and Andreas Bracht on bass. Anja Kiechle en Stefan Mageney on vocals and Volker Janacek on drums.
Just as was the case with their previous two CDs 'The Final Solution' and 'World Games', is 'The House Of S.Phrenia' a conceptual album, I will try to explain. The house of S.Phrenia is a flat consisting of ten different floors, which symbolize the brain. With an elevator - which can be heard in between all tracks - the band enter every floor and have a bit of a watch in all accessible appartments. Every appartment tells its own story states the booklet: "The lyrics picture the depths ot the human psyche and reflect the bi-parted views ot modern society". So, this CD contains ten different and very worthwhile tracks, but I would like to discuss of couple of them who are extremely worthwhile. The highlights are 'S.Phrenie I & II'and 'G.Mania' with a female Freddy Mercury, namely Ania Kiechle. Her flexible and expressive voice is very nice. The absolutely highlight is formed by the finale of 'F.Power'. Here showcases guitarist Peter Terhoeven his talents and and shakes the fundaments of the house. What a guitarist! What a structures! Wow, what a great CD!

Dirksen de Raker
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